30. jun, 2015

June 26, we were at the vet with Moa and made ultrasound. They could see that she is pregnant. The puppies are expected July 26.

10. jun, 2015

June 6th was my partner, Viktor, and Vilja with the club championship in obedience to our dog club. It was an unofficial competition, and they came on a shared third place =)

29. maj, 2015

Breeding has now taken place between NO UCH Biley's Lelu Womanizer Big Bang *Kempes* and Aplicado Faith of Zephyr *Moa*

For more information look at Planned litter 2015.

4. maj, 2015

Vilja have completed the Beginner course in obedience. Now we go ahead with the advanced course =)

9. apr, 2015

Yesterday we got Moas IC test result. Look at Moas page for more information.